Reba Spivey

Citrus High School Cheerleading


Ebenezer Elementary PTO - Rincon, GA

Our experience with Blue Ribbon Farms has been outstanding! They provide excellent customer service and we could not be more pleased - and excited - with our fundraising profits this school year. Blue Ribbon Farms exceeded our expectations!

Danielle Stevens - Treasurer

Romeo Elementary School PTO - Dunnellon, FL

Working with Blue Ribbon Farms has been amazing. Mike came to us saying we could make a profit of $4,000 with his product fundraising at the beginning of the school year. We were a little apprehensive, to say the least. That kind of profit margin is unheard of in our area, where more than half of our students live below poverty. Once the new school year started, I was approached by our principal, to set a goal of $8,000 profit, so we could fund the install of Smart Boards for the remaining classrooms who did not have them. I really wasn’t quite sure we could reach our goal, and I wasn’t the only one.

After Mike and his wife came and presented the fundraiser to the entire student body, the kids were geared up and so was I! I dreamed of the BMX Bike Show coming to our school every night. I enthusiastically called students to come up and get their Penguins when they sold three items. When I would go out to eat with my family, kids would come up to me and shout “Penguin Lady!”. It was quite a thrill.

In the end we grossed more than $22,000 in sales. Giving us a profit of just over $9,000. We reached and beat our goal! The local newspaper did a story on us and the County added photos from the BMX Bike Show on the home page of their website. I can’t recommend Mike enough. Next year we will be doing two fundraisers with his company.